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I make B2B businesses surge by Growth Hacking thier strategies the right way. I am a huge advocate for ’quality-over-quantity’ and make enterprises vouch for Account Based Marketing.

As the CEO of my proud brainchild, 3CANS Digital, I am bringing to life my dream of providing Purple Cow solutions to help brands stand out tall in this busy digital world. 

If you want to talk quality leads, conversion optimisation and scalable growth, you are at the right place .

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I make people talk out of their natural school of thought.

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Nitish is someone who would have always volunteered to help. Someone who knew where the process is taking a hit. Someone who always wanted to learn and implement ideas. Someone who always knew how to launch campaigns with a bang. Someone to bank on for getting things done. Someone who always pushed me to write better and find the soul in that content. Someone who knew how to balance the marketing report with strategic inputs and a perfect layout.
Anusonia Jose
Assistant Marketing Manager Collabera
Starting entrepreneurship is not simple in any way, but when you have people like Nitish Mathur with you, the journey is sweet and simple. He will hold your hand and show you the path. As an innovator, educator, and researcher, I vouch for this brilliant mind that works with you at a level that truly makes you comfortable and free of worries in this crazy digital market world.
Rachna Nath
CEO-Oxiblast, Educator and Global Innovation Awardee 2019 for North America
I have had the opportunity to work with Nitish Mathur in Deloitte for a brief period of two years. He always managed to stand out with his creative ideas and out of the box thinking, and has always been knowledgeable, articulate, and a pleasure to work with. He brings intelligence and a lot of passion for his work and his overall presence has always led to a positive impact at the workplace. We don’t work together anymore, but it has been a delight watching him grow the way he has.
Supriya sinha
Assistant Manager, Knowledge Management, Deloitte

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